You are a powerful and awake being inhabiting a strong mind & body. You know how deeply life, love, business, body, family and self are connected. Being highly conscious means that you are connecting your mental, spiritual, and physical parts into one being and using all the tools available you. 

Dawn Todd is a teacher, author, seriel entrepreneur, consciousness junkie and a life long seeker of bliss for herself and others. She's been a bodyworker & energy healer since 1992 and a business coach since 2006. You can download her CV here. (why would somebody put their CV on their website? because the world of coaching and the business of transformation is full of people who may not be who they say they are. Dawn wants her work and experience to reflect the credibility of her training.) You can can also find out more at GoodLifeBodyworks.com or DawnTodd.com.

HighlyConscious.life is a culmination of her life-long quest for healing, abundance and connection with the divine and to share that with others. 

Questions? Answers? (We are always looking for the answer around here!) 

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