kind words 

“Breathwork is must try if you are in search of a spiritual connection or at a plateau of personal healing. I pushed past the places I was stuck and I felt my entire energy system shift. The insight that I gained in the class and in the days following the class were monumental. I didn’t realize how spiritual expansion is really a process that has to integrate into the body. It changed my energy that day and in the days following the class. I can’t wait to do more breathwork!"

-Molly Light  

"I noticed a lot of stored up emotion releasing, the next morning all my old patterns came up for processing and then they were gone! It was a very healing and ecstatic experience! The music was great! I like the sense of community and the coziness of your house. I feel like the change was a powerful and permanent change and I have to pace myself as I do this work."  

- Laura Harmony

“Dawn, you are an AMAZING teacher and leader. You have truly inspired me to take my business to the next level and I no longer feel “stuck”. I feel comfortable knowing that if I fall off track, I all I need to be successful in anything I put my mind to. Our small company has skyrocketed in profits since working with you."  

- Marilyn Sherman

“My business coaching experience with Dawn Todd changed my life from session one. Her methods are unlike anything I have ever experienced, and she had me crying tears of joy upon really uncovering my life’s purpose. As effective as she is in creating a spiritual, soul-compatible foundation for business success, Dawn is also a mastermind at the hardline facts and strategies for generating, maintaining and growing income and revenue streams and maximizing profit potential. She is truly gifted and brilliant, and a joy to work with – equally comfortable in the realms of business and spiritual success.”  

- Dana Denver  

“As a relationship coach who feels divine feminine essence is key to a thriving couple, it was so appropriate that I hire a feminine manifesting and intentional business specialist as my coach. In our work together, Dawn has been so instrumental in guiding me and holding the space for my evolution as a female business owner. I now work from a grounded place that allows me to contribute to the transformation of humanity while at the same time consciously attract abundance. Dawn has truly helped me create divine alignment." 

- Starla Michaels  

“Dawn really helped me, through her coaching, to see that I needed to make a major change in the direction of my career. Without her coaching it is probable that I would still be in a bad situation wondering why I was still there. I am truly grateful to Dawn for her insight and guidance.”  

- Susan Morrison