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best year yet 

Best Year Yet Master Strategy Plan is an in-depth assessment of your current business, including sales, marketing, scalability, time management and mindset.  

I’ll bet you didn’t know that women create and maintain business in a much different way than men. Yup, it's true. All that "think and you'll get rich" stuff as well as the majority of business strategy books are written by men for men . No wonder we as women have such a hard time figuring it out and making it work for us!  

This assessment and action plan will help you understand how to leverage your strengths and shore up your weaknesses as a feminine business owner. It covers all the major components of business and life balance. It is a step-by-step plan, broken down, so you know exactly what to do over the next 12 months to be successful and find a balance between life and business, between hustle and flow. And the best part? It's FREE. Find out more here! 


Interested in highly conscious cannabis and/or breathwork? wanting to transform your capacity for pleasure, abundance and freedom? would you prefer to work individually instead of in a group?  

Private sessions are three hours long and held in my home in Loveland, CO. before the session is scheduled, we'll meet by phone to answer any questions and understand more about your goals and intentions.  

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Is your bliss connected to your abundance? Download Dawn's free book "Love Sex & Money: Why Sacred Sex & Divne Abundance are the Same Thing" 

I also recorded a meditation to accompany this book and it is included in the download. I hope you enjoy it! 

download the book and meditation.

the body

Good Life Bodyworks is a highly experienced, licensed and insured team of massage professionals. whether you crave a ritual to heal, relax or calm, 

Good Life Bodyworks delivers custom massage sessions crafted to blend the therapeutic benefits of massage, mindfulness and the healing power of essential oils and /or cannabis.Let our healing massage experience help! we blend the therapeutic benefits of massage, mindfulness and the healing power of essential oils and /or cannabis.  

You can choose massage oil infused with or without CBD. CBD massage oil is infused with full-spectrum extract CBD —but they are low in THC, the component of marijuana that causes psychoactive effects.  

it's a good, good life.. renew you with a massage. schedule a massage.

the mind 

Highly Conscious Mindfulness Meditations™ are meditations carefully crafted to engage the body, mind and soul. 

With soulful sounds and a gentle guiding presence, you're led to experience being highly conscious, fully aware and delightfully embodied. 

See our catalog of Highly Conscious Mindfulness Meditations™.

the soul 

Akashic Readings for Humans & Business 

The akashic records are the energetic recording of every person’s thoughts, words, feelings, deeds, intentions and interactions with the rest of creation. Each soul has its own Akashic Record and information about all of the choices it has ever made are stored in this energetic “database.” It contains the story of their soul's journey from the moment of inception. How are the Akashic Records helpful for us?  

The Records have different levels and frequencies which are available for you to work in and explore. In an akashic reading we connect to the level that gives you the opportunity to shift Karma and to experience deep healings. Since the Records on the Quantum Field are a living, conscious vibration, you have the opportunity to use the Akashic Records to heal and transcend old Karma every time you’re there!  

The akashic records assist us to: Discover soul gifts and actually tap into them. Identify what’s preventing us from using these gifts. Clear the issues that are getting in the way. Create effective intentions and action steps to manifest desires. Identify if your business goals are in alignment with your soul path.  

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